The Tomahawk

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How to make 

An excellent adventure tool!

Handle Length to edge of head: 13 and 1/8"

Full Head Length: 8"

Top middle of head Width: 1"

Spike end length: 3/4"

Handle width: 1 and 1/6" 1/4


Y = 











Rockwell hardness 56 

Handle width: 1 and 1/4"

* Must have incredible balance

* Affordable

* Absolutely MADE IN AMERICA

* Lightweight

* Makes owner cooler than their friends

Blade end Length: 2 and 1/2" 

. . . . Full Handle Length: 14 and 1/8". . . . .


1060 steel

or Tennesse Hickory handle options


* Never cut corners!! (Pun intended)


. . . . . 

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The Sweat

What does your tomahawk say about you? 


Our Team

Great Axe-pectations

American Tomahawk carries on the legacy of Peter Lagana - World War II Marine Corps veteran - and is currently owned and operated by Ryan Johnson and Richard Carmack of RMJ USA, Jeff Kirkham of READYMAN and John Hickman, speed-thinker extraordinaire. 


Technically a group of incredibly skilled outdoorsmen capable of surviving for years with nothing more than their Tomahawk and a blade of grass. We could go into a long dissertation of military backgrounds, capabilities, achievements and good ‘ole American stories that will ignite your patriotism, however, suffice it to say that these men are determined to create one of the singularly most reliable and affordable multi-use tools you might need; for wherever your adventure might take you.