Hickory Handle


This is a replacement hickory handle for your Model 1 Tomahawk.  This handle will also fit American Tomahawk brand VTAC tomahawks that were produced from 2000 - 2017.  It will not fit other brands that used the American Tomahawk name.  


Includes:  Hickory handle, hickory wedge, metal wedge.


Handle Removal

To replace the handle you will need some basic woodworking skills.


To remove an old handle from the head is a pretty simple task. You just drill holes into the top until the handle can be driven out with a dull chisel or a drift.



If the handle is too large to fit the eye, you may need to do some file or sanding for just the right fit.  To shape the handle to fit the eye, there are a number of methods. The easiest and most effective is to use a rasp.  Hold the end of the handle, well centered, against the bottom of the eye and from the other side use a sharp pencil to trace the contours of the hole onto the end of the handle. Then remove just enough wood so that you can the head onto the shaft by hand. The pencil marks only help a little, mostly you have to work by eye, and trial and error.


It is important to wedge the top of the handle in order to expand it into the roughly conical shape of the hole in your Model 1 head. To do this a wooden and metal wedge will be driven into the endgrain of the handle. First a wooden hardwood wedge is driven in.  A little waterproof glue is always a good idea to reinforce this joint.  Finally, drive in a metal wedge at a 60 - 75° angle to the wooden wedge. Do not cut a slot for the metal wedge! 




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