The NEW LaGana Tactical Tomahawk ("VTAC")

The LaGana Tactical Tomahawk (a.k.a. “VTAC”) is the standard by which all other tactical axes are judged, period. Battle proven for over 40 years, Peter LaGana’s axe-head design has served the United States in every major conflict since the Vietnam War. Modernized with 21st century materials and workmanship, the new LaGana Tactical Tomahawk sets the bar for ease of carry, toughness, and versatility. No axe in the War on Terror has seen and done more...


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Steel: Drop-Forged 1060, Rc 52-54**
Handle: ST “super-tough” modified nylon
Ergonomics: Oval design – indexing finger grooves
Overall Weight: 1 lb./453.59 grams practical*
Overall Length: 14”/355.6mm practical*
Sheath: Jumpable nylon – LBE/LBV, MOLLE, Sling, Belt
M.S.R.P: $129.95

NSN: 4210-01-518-7244
D-U-N-S: 135186992
SKU: "VTAC" - LaGana Vietnam Tactical Tomahawk

Notes: "Practical" weight and length allow for small variations in material and manufacturing tolerances. Sheath is not included to overall weight and length.

The edge bevel is ground to resist deformation under extreme use. It will retain its edge, even after insane levels of abuse. It is extremely sharp for its included angle. However, it will not shave hair from your arm.


Click Here to watch the LaGana Tactical being run over by a truck without being damaged (360 kb)

Peter LaGana Action Video Clips

These never-before-seen video clips include a young Peter LaGana demonstrating various aspects of the Vietnam Tomahawk in close combat. They are simple techniques that WORK and that ANYONE can use effectively.

Closing on Target (335kb Windows Media)

Combat Throwing (229kb Windows Media)

Cutting Down Your Target (218kb Windows Media)

Transitioning From Firearm to Hawk (744kb Windows Media)

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