Our products have routinely been purchased to meet the non-explosive entry needs of Law Enforcement agencies all over the country. Several offices within the DOJ as well as countless local and State offices have purchased our LaGana Tactical Tomahawk. Tacoma, WA S.W.A.T. for example, proudly touts it as standard breach kit.

Law Enforcement discounts are available by contacting info@americantomahawk.com



ATC in service with River Edge PD

Chicago P.D. Patch



ATC in service with Chicago PD

Chicago P.D. Patch



ATC returned to the Bergen County Police Academy for the annual Public Safety Expo, where we sponsored a free Tomahawk Throwing event and product exhibit for thousands of residents and official attendees. The LaGana Tactical Tomahawk was once again, the preferred Tomahawk, enduring literally thousands of abusive tosses without injury. It garnered the attention of S.W.A.T. Officers, Rescue Personnel, Firefighters, and countless enthusiasts, in general.
Check out the images of the big day in Bergen County, where the feature events of the Expo were Flying Tomahawks and live-fire S.W.A.T. demonstrations, co-located at the Academy's shooting range.



ATC sponsored a scored Tomahawk Throwing Event for Law Enforcement Officers competing in the Bergen County Police Firearms Instructors Association Annual Pistol Match.

Shooters had a chance to shave two seconds off their total time with a successful toss after three practice throws. This was the same go/no-go scoring system used at Best Ranger 2002. We have found this round to be the best blend of instinctive ability testing, risk, reward, and overall excitement for throwers and spectators.

ATC will be returning to the Bergen County Police Academy for MANY more Tomahawk inspired projects.