ATC and the Nez Perce Tribe

On August 16th, 2003, the American Tomahawk Company was privileged to take part in an unprecedented event within military history. The Warriors of the Nez Perce Tribe, or Ni Mii Puu (pronounced Nee-Mee-Poo), accepted the Warriors of Alpha Company 19SFG as “Warrior Brothers” of their tribe. This ceremony, done by the Pipe and Eagle Feather, was totally the first one of its kind. Never before have members of the U.S. Armed Services been linked to a Native American Tribe in such a way, unless those servicemen were already Native Americans. The event was a reconciliation of our past as a nation, as well as commemoration. ATC’s role in honoring the Tribal Council and the Warriors of A Company with its Tomahawks, presented from a ceremonial buffalo robe, was awe inspiring.

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US Special Forces Troopers and their LaGana Tactical Hawks:


ATC and BRC 2002

Just before leaving Command at RTB, COL Baron sent this picture to our office from Best Ranger this year.


ATC's LaGana Tactical Tomahawk is proudly included to a Special Forces unit logo!!!


Best Ranger Competition
ATC helped sponsor this year's "Best Ranger Competition" which was held April 26 - 29 at Fort Benning, GA. Below you can see Lt. Col Oliver "Ollie" North flanked by ATC President, Andy Prisco.

COL North hosted Outdoor Life Network's coverage of the competition, and ATC returned to run the Tomahawk and Knife Throwing Event. He's a GREAT man...very down-to-earth, and was ALL about the "Tomahawk" in the hands of today's Soldier.

Here are The Best Ranger Competition 2002 Winners, CPT Patin and SSG Jenkins, flanked by Andy from ATC. 1st Prize Awards included (2) Collector Grade Vietnam Tactical Tomahawks.

Congratulations to our Army's finest!!! Rangers Lead The Way!!!

For details about the David E. Grange, Jr., Best Ranger Competition, check out:


ATC in Service in Afghanistan

Vietnam Tactical Tomahawk Owner: LCPL Cale R. Danielson, Hometown Hero, US Marine, The Tip of the Spear, 1/1 Alpha Co. Weapons Plt, 15th MEU, 1st on the Ground in Afghanistan